Dubai, UAE – In its 5th convening on 13 – 14th December 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, the South America-Africa-Middle East- Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS) brought together women leaders, representatives of heads of government, global private sector thought leaders and academia across all STEM fields- to explore the double impact of harnessing gender diversity in delivering robust innovation and sustainability in emerging regions as well as create new, applied knowledge and evidence-based practices. This summit engaged participants from South America, Africa, Middle East and Asia in research-driven and thought-provoking discussions over the course of two days.During the summit, the nominees for the CELD Global Women Leadership Award were conferred with CELD’s Global Female Leadership Impact Award and inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame (GWLHOF).

Ms. Rita M. Lopidia, the Executive Director of EVE Organization for Women Development was one of the Global Women Leaders conferred and inducted into the Global Women Leaders Hall of Fame, an unprecedented Global Network of Great Women Leaders, who are improving and evolving the societies which they represent, and inspiring younger generations to dare to dream and unleash their potentials.We celebrate Ms. Lopidia’s grand entry in to the elite CELD Global Women Leadership Hall of Fame and Roll of Honor.

Ms. Lopidia participated as panel discussant during the session on “The Transformational CEOs” – a panel discussion with Global Female Economic drivers. She was further featured in the Amazons Watch Magazine’s SAMEAWS special exclusive January 2018 edition tagged- Emerging Economies Top 100 Most Influential Women, which was be unveiled during the summit. In this edition, Ms. Lopidia emphasized the need for a peaceful environment to achieve rapid and sustainable economic growth and development. She further highlighted the structural challenges such as high levels of illiteracy among women and a highly militarized society that put women at a disadvantage of advancement.

Asked about her priorities in 2018, Ms. Lopidia has this to say.
“ My priority is pursuing peace in South Sudan, EVE Organization is mobilizing women in numbers both within South Sudan and the Region to stand for peace. We will not let the revitalization process slip out of our hands. As an Organization, we will also continue to engage policy makers, mentor girls and young women through our incubator Initiative, engage local government to address Sexual and Gender based violence and promote income generating activities for women”

The Amazons Watch Top 100 Most Influential Women in Emerging Economies to watch in 2018 listing bring to the fore and honor women whose amazing achievements are serving as a burning touch and light on the path of other women who have now begun to shake off the fears and shackles placed on them by society.  These women are audacious, unrelenting in the pursuit of their dreams, and incurably committed to taking new territories, communities, and changing one life after another. Read more about the exclusive interview here.

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