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Breaking The Bonds of Traumatized Silence I had chosen to be mute. Not because I was shy, nor an introvert but due to the fear of revealing this act

Breaking The Silence: Healing Through Writing Her voice was shaky. She could barely get a sentence out and seemed to be gazing into the distance. One hand held on

Mum and Dad taught us everything except to live without them. Four years have passed now since we were left in the custody of Mummy’s elder sister (Nancy). It

Bakhita Nyanut swarms across Awuluic, but like a shadow, the hunger followed. It was May 1998 and the gardens lay desolate in the heart of Aweil, granaries had burnt

Life is an ocean of trials and temptations that need to be overcome. To do that, you first need to know yourself and discover your ambition; for there is

I was made to believe that marriage was all about owning a telephone and the liberty to do what you want. Little did I know that this was a

The region of South Sudan has been at war at various points since 1955 with the first war between the north and south from 1955 to 1972 and the

During a training on GBV conducted by Eve Organization for Women Developmentin Jonglei State, the women disclosed that when cases are taken to family courts and settled at family

Dubai, UAE – In its 5th convening on 13 – 14th December 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, the South America-Africa-Middle East- Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS) brought together women

EVE Organisation for Women Development with support from Urgent Action Fund has successfully implemented its project on civic engagement on Beijing Platform of Action. The organization raised awareness on