When you join Eve Organization’s Volunteers Incubator, you don’t just benefit from life changing and extraordinary community experiences, but you also build self-confidence, expand your network, strengthen solidarity with other young women at national and international levels and you increase your future career opportunities One of our volunteers had this to say! “I discovered the wings I never thought I had and the view just gets better” Elizabeth Yokwe.

Twice a year, Eve Organization in an effort to expand its Young Women Leadership Program – ” the Incubator” selects twenty young women University graduates through a competitive process for its volunteer component. Successful candidates are taken through an intensive training and orientation program before being deployed to different community Schools, Organizations and Institutions for a period of three months. The objective of the program is to empower and mentor young women into strong and confident leaders to contribute positively in their communities.

The volunteers Incubator started from October -December 2019. During the placement period, the volunteers deployed in Schools engaged in diverse activities such as Peer Support Groups in schools where they engaged school girls on topics including Education, Personal hygiene, Menstrual cycles and the female bodily changes, impact of girl marriages, problem solving skills, relationships, debates, sports among other topics. Volunteers placed in Organisations engaged in different program activities such as the 16 days of activism, workshops and conferences. They further engaged in project development, report writing, review of draft policy papers, public speaking, fund raising, public consultations and campaigns, administrative and accounting work as well as community services such as cleaning Juba city.

 Four of our volunteers participated in international meetings namely the World Youth Forum 2019 in Egypt, the Beijing +25 Women Peace and Security,Youth Peace and Security Forum 2019 in New York, Youth Conference 2019 Rwanda and the Convening on Women’s leadership in Peace Building in the Great Lake Regions of Africa conference in Uganda 2019. By the end of the three months placement period, the volunteers reached 445 school girls in five different schools in Juba, South Sudan. The Volunteers were more confident and acquired  improved writing, reporting and communications skills among others. Three of the Volunteers were hired by their host organisations, three others got jobs with other Organisations and the Schools expressed interest in retaining their volunteers.

 The Volunteer Incubator does not only produce leaders, but ushers in a new spirit of collaboration in Schools and support for National Organisations and Institutions in South Sudan. It has further demonstrated the impact of our programs within communities and in the country.

 It is great to see how much light and change our volunteers bring into the lives of so many in the communities. The fun, the natural talents, the patience and energy the volunteers exhibit while practicing truly shows dedication and make us at Eve wonder that some of them might have been great leaders in their previous lives.

 Schools and Organisations that benefited from the program include Mayo Primary School Juba, Juba Technical School, Nile Model Secondary School, Mahad (Muslims) Secondary School, Buluk Eye Center Primary School for the blind, Organization for Responsive Governance (ORG), The Institute for Social Policy and Research (ISPR) and the South Sudan Law Society (SSLS).

 From the Alumni – Reflection on the Volunteer Program

“I  am thankful to Eve Organization for the Volunteer opportunity. I have learnt to understand and accept people’s differences as I interact with people of different backgrounds during this program. I now identify myself as a change maker and believe that change is a process that begins with YOU” Bazilka Joan

“Through this program, I have improved my communication, writing and public speaking skills. I have learnt a lot about my country too. I believe for development to be achieved in any nation; PEACE should be a priority”– Nyachar Lony

“Being deployed in a School of children with disability influenced my thinking and widened my view of life. I have made friends and built good relationship with the pupils and teachers. I have also learnt that blindness is only physical, but not mental nor spiritual; the blind are cleverer than some of those who can see” – Jane Lajara

“This program helped unleash the leadership potential in me and enhanced my creativity and problem-solving skills. It was exciting to see girls share their life experiences. This has totally changed me. The Young Women Leadership Program is a life changing experience – Pasca Tandema

 “The Volunteer program has boosted my confidence, leadership and decision-making skills as I interact with students and teachers. This program has been more interesting and fun more than I thought it would be. If I get the chance to repeat it, I would do it over and over again-Tumalo Margret

 We are grateful to our partner the Global Fund for Women for the support to make this project of empowering young women come true.

The Young Women Leadership Program – Incubator is Eve’s Organization signature project. It has two main components. Component one is a training program that recruits young women from Secondary Schools and Universities to undergo two weeks training followed by three months individual or group community change projects and a report. The Second Component is the Volunteer Incubator which entirely focuses on University graduates.




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