Mum and Dad taught us everything except to live without them. Four years have passed now since we were left in the custody of Mummy’s elder sister (Nancy). It was mother’s Last wish on her deathbed to leave us in the care of a generous and trusted person like her only sister. Two years after […]

The Flight of Little Bakhita

Bakhita Nyanut swarms across Awuluic, but like a shadow, the hunger followed. It was May 1998 and the gardens lay desolate in the heart of Aweil, granaries had burnt down and all the strong young men gone to join the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement. The great hunger had begun. Nyanut crossed the river and glanced […]


Life is an ocean of trials and temptations that need to be overcome. To do that, you first need to know yourself and discover your ambition; for there is no sailor who has no compass and map; nor is everyone a pioneer. With lack of direction, we may travel in circles and never reach our […]

Why I advocate against early child marriage

I was made to believe that marriage was all about owning a telephone and the liberty to do what you want. Little did I know that this was a plan to ruin my life.  “My parents were only interested in the man’s wealth than my health and wellbeing. It’s about the prestige of the dowry. […]


The region of South Sudan has been at war at various points since 1955 with the first war between the north and south from 1955 to 1972 and the second war from 1983 to 2005 when a Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed. On 9th July 2011, South Sudan gained independence. On December 15th, 2013, South […]

Women in Jongolei call for codification of customary laws

During a training on GBV conducted by Eve Organization for Women Developmentin Jonglei State, the women disclosed that when cases are taken to family courts and settled at family level, women are denied their rights.  Chiefs never come into agreement with the judges who observe statutory laws hence making the judiciary worthless. There is a […]

EVE Organization’s Executive Director awarded the Global Women Leadership Award

Dubai, UAE – In its 5th convening on 13 – 14th December 2017 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Dubai, the South America-Africa-Middle East- Asia Women Summit (SAMEAWS) brought together women leaders, representatives of heads of government, global private sector thought leaders and academia across all STEM fields- to explore the double impact of harnessing gender diversity […]

25 years later: Where are we on Gender Equality? The Beijing Platform of Action

EVE Organisation for Women Development with support from Urgent Action Fund has successfully implemented its project on civic engagement on Beijing Platform of Action. The organization raised awareness on the BPFA +25. The project which lasted for three months started off in July to the end of September 2020. The strategic approaches that were used […]

Abul Naomi sets to fight deforestation in Juba, South Sudan

“Along the high way, I always see traders trucks heavily loaded with charcoal, but never did I see a trucks of seedlings going that way”. Abul Naomi By Yobu Annet, June 2019    With her hair neatly wrapped in an African print hair turban, Naomi Abul passionately explains her change project on deforestation and Climate […]

The Rebel in Me: Rita’s optimistic Journey into the R-ARCSS

“As a restless child, I used to do things my own way and was never tamed.. I got into the field track as thin as I was and won the race”.  Rita Lopidia discloses how she gains strength in the presence of the Lord to press on in her leadership journey. “I always find solace […]