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Eve  is a South Sudanese Women Organization founded to contribute towards social change through promoting gender equity an equality,social justice,peace and dignity of women

Good Governance

"A vital value for enhancing mutual trust and building healthy partnerships.EVE organisation's pursuit for transparency and accountability ensure integrity in all aspects,promotes professionalism and in addressing women issues in South Sudan”


"We walk the talk and strive for excellence through flexibility, innovation and partnership. We design modalities to ensure that diversity accentuate advocacy efforts and impact. We promote the principle of value-for-money in resource allocation, utilization and reporting"


" We look at the bigger picture – the community. We create opportunities and a conducive environment for all interested stakeholders to participate in improving the overall situation of women in South Sudan. We are loyal in serving women and girls regardless of their origin. We do it with passion, determination and professionalism"


Our commitment is to promote equality through policy advocacy and capacity enhancement of women  and girls to enable them participate and contribute to a peaceful and democratic South Sudan


While the Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan (TCRSS) as amended provides for a minimum of 25 percent and the Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) 2018 


Eve organization has contributed to a number of studies on Women, Peace and Security in South Sudan. Since 2012, the organization led the in-country monitoring report on the implementation of the UNSCR 1235 in South Sudan. 


Eve Organization Uganda was established in 2017 in response to the high number of displacement of South Sudanese after the 2016 violence in South Sudan. Uganda hosts the biggest number of South Sudanese refugees to date

women protection

Violence against women (VAW) is widespread in South Sudan. Sexual violence has particularly increased precariously with the return to conflict in December 2013 and 2016 due to rampant impunity among the armed forces

peace and social cohesion

The long decades of war with Sudan coupled with the December 2013 conflict in South Sudan has destroyed the social fabric of the country. It has left the country deeply divided. 

sociO economic

The South Sudan Household Health Survey of 2010 (SSHHS) shows that 41% of households in South Sudan are headed by women, only 2.1 percent of South Sudanese households have water on their premises; 


Beyond Volunteering: Shaping the Future Narrative

When you join Eve Organization’s Volunteers Incubator,you dont just benefit from life changing and extraordinary community expereinces,but you also build self-confidence,expand your network,strengthen solidarity with other young women at national and international levels and you increase your future career opportunities.

I dropped out of school-says a rape survivor

“I dropped out of school because my classmates were insulting me. They used to push me off the desk and down to the floor. They could say, they can’t share the desk with a girl who has already known a man”.It was just after midnight in July 2016 when armed men broke into our compound in Gudele and knocked at the doors bringing everybody…

Community Leaders address GBV

At the verge of the 16 days of activism in 2018, Eve Organization under the project “Strengthening advocacy efforts for women’s protection through community and local government engagement” engaged community and traditional leaders, local government, religious leaders to address Gender based violence (GBV) in Torit…

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